Asuna Will Never Truly Be Your Waifu

Pic Above: Where are Haruyuki’s genes??
Accel World PSP is not really a visual novel, well vndb didn’t accept it as a VN. It says on site, the game is three parts: 1 part VN, 1 part life sim, 1 part fighting. That’s so doomed! You will never see a translation for a game like this. You won’t even see one for Sword Art Online PSP which comes out in March this year. And that is a shame because it means Asuna will never truly be your waifu. [More Screenshots Here]

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  • On the upside there is a fan translation project for Valkyria Chronicles 3 so not all hope is lost imo. it’s just a matter of reaching critical audience threshold, enough so that, some poor hacker cares to devote 2 years of his life getting the game translated. Which happens. And I think SAO is reaching that breaking point. to me i think increasing the audience increases fan translation, that’s why i made fuwanovel

    • wtf kusanagi =_=”
      anyway 2 year just to translate the game eh?…thats harsh o_o
      and waiting for 2 yr is pretty pain for foreigner who downloads the untranslated game and to play randomly…but not for Japanese! they could understand it from the start! and Im one of them ๐Ÿ™‚
      but with the work of fuwanovel maybe the 2 year will reduce to half yr if the translator split their work xD

  • Aaeru, didn’t you lock a waifu thread on the old Fuwanovel forums because the word ‘waifu’ was offensive to some people? Did you change your mind about that, now that you’re using it in your blog posts?

    • You don’t know the full story.
      the girl who messaged me with the complaint has had a history of abuse from terrible men, I was making concessions for her. <— that was a mistake.

      I didn't change my mind, I use that word whenever I like. I'm not a feminist. I actually dislike the term because they are collectivism language, they cause people to see other people in terms of groups instead of as individuals. Once you've made people view each other as groups, you can dehumanize them.

      There are only human beings.

  • Just a thought, but do you think perhaps Fuwanovel could translate the SAO game?
    There’s a site called GBATemp where some PSP translations are ongoing, namely a Tales game, and Final Fantasy Type-0, perhaps interested peeps in Fuwa can contact them about this?

    This is of course after the game is released lol.

    • Well fuwan is just a distribution site… there is a forums ( and sometimes people post their projects there.

      I think it is a good idea, but I’m not too interested in translating SAO myself, so will have to wait for some1 else to initiate it.

      it probably won’t be from me, itll probably be from a progressive anime community. Rinjinbu gets tons of requests for games to be translated, and they’re already doing Haganai and Oreimo ๐Ÿ™

      yeh the best chance of seeing a translation in fact, is to lead it yourself ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • welp, would love to, though I have no knowledge regarding translating or Japanese in general ATM :V And can’t start learning till end of April(Math examinations)
      Guess waiting and seeing what happens is the only option for now >>;

  • Unrelated, but I never read your blog till now. That’s probably changing now that I am taking a closer look at the various articles.
    So yeah, awesome job on it, gives me some inspiration/motivation to continue working on my own :3

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