Angel Beats Visual Novel (?) Confirmed by Vava

Vava the president of Visual Arts (馬場隆博) replied to these 2 tweets about Angel Beats on the 5th of Feb. @Irohasaku_G_D_M: Is Angel Beats game still not done yet? ><
Vava: Not yet but we will be doing something just before Summer.

@nanet_pey: Was what Tonokawa-san said about how the new key game is going
to be primarily Jun Maeda’s… is that true?
Vava: Every Key game is always primarily Da-mae’s (jun mae?). But Tono
is also working hard in a new division.

Also these tweets happened last year in April from @FJ_Staff (official account for flaming june):

@yukiusyagi: Will the angel beats game be a bishoujo-game and allow the player
to pick and choose between different heroine routes? Will Yurippe
and Yusa be given routes?
FJ_Staff: (Jun Maeda speaking) The game will be played from Otonashi’s viewpoint.
But you will find that he has a completely different personality. We are
redesigning everything from the ground particularly the parts that received poor feedback.
@hakanamizinsei: Maeda san, please write a brand new song for Girl’s Dead
Monsters for the game!
FJ_Staff: (Jun Maeda speaking) I am enthusiastically looking forward to writing
the girls dead monster song for the game!

@kyuunana: will you be making a come back as a scenario writer?
FJ_Staff: (Jun Maeda speaking) right now I am working in the music
department while writing the scenario for Angel Beats.

Here are some more confirmations from past news.
Also see this post from Seventhstyle.
Who will be artist!??????

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