Project Announcement: Natsuyume Nagisa [by Priorities Translations]


We are proud to announce that our translation of Natsuyume Nagisa is now underway. It has penguins and shit.
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Our (supah) hacker still has a couple of issues to take care of (like a few scripts not extracting/recompiling properly), but since most of the scripts have been extracted we can finally get some work done. Our translator has already started work on the prologue + common route. Our sugoi~ image editor has also finished up a good amount of the image editing work.

For questions and whatnot, our contact info is on the About page. Do not pester us about translation progress; we will do our best to keep you updated about the project.

We have also subbed the visual novel’s OP. Enjoy your [KOTOKO sounds].

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Best of luck to this new project~
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