Gamespot shares their opinion of your SEX games.

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Catchcopy: “…What am I saying to these girls? No matter what I choose they always seem to have sex with me.”

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  • So that what the f###s of this world think about eroge?What can you do about lowlifes that compare Eroge whith Call of Duty.No offence to you guys

  • I do get where they are coming from — from the perspective of somene who isn’t used to anime and japanese culture, this is probably super weird and creepy. (Not me by the way, I mean the general public).

    But honestly KAnime is right — this is basically someone at the age of five belittling something he doesn’t understand and bash it. Eroge is far, far more than just sex. Anyone that plays eroge knows this, at the very least those games that are not nukige.

    I mean, do you think the majority of people play Katawa Shoujo to have sex with disabled girls? That’s never the goal. It’s more like “bonus content” or the likes.

    Ever since being introduced to visual novels and eroge I have basically stopped playing FPS and the likes. They are a complete waste of time, you shoot and kill that’s it. Compare that with the richness of the fantasy world in visual novels and at least to me, the difference is huge.

    I’m going to put it simply — FPS and the likes feel like a waste of time compared to visual novels, which are so rich that they basically always impact you somehow. They make me cry, smile, excited, angry, and more than that.

    I’m not going to lie a single bit here — if visual novels and the likes ever were banned where I live, I’d move to Japan — and I don’t even care a bit about the sex, it’s not for that. It’s for the richness that exists in this medium, for me 99% of the games that exists pales in comparison.

  • This isn’t all that harsh compared to some of the stuff I have read. There was an editorial from 1UP earlier this year, where the writer basically calls anyone who plays games like Neptunia a pedophile and sex offender. Could you imagine their thoughts on an eroge? It wouldn’t be good.

    Or read through random comments for MangaGamer’s entry at Steam Greenlight. This is the mindset of the average western gamer, and I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to change.

  • The opinions from the likes of Gamespot concern me not. Such sites only cater to the general public (which is fair, though rather narrow minded) and tend to not be too accepting/totally xenophobic of “sex games”. They take things at face value and when it comes to eroge I’d argue that first impressions tend to differ from “Woah! This game has a deep, rich and interesting storyline!”.

  • Although I just want to point out that the overwhelming majority of people IN JAPAN also think their own games are Ridiculous and hilarious and sexist. They also make fun of their own games the same way the guy in this video does.

    Normal people in Japan do not morally accept having ‘sex’ with children-like characters.

    and i want to add, the majority of visual novels are not really this ‘rich, expressive’ medium that you must think it is. It’s just a cesspool of slush culture, of depthless moe, of otaku bait material, and of rehashes of rehashes and the fervent (almost religious) recycling of stereotypes. You can literally find the exact same character in a 100 different games! (with the exact the same seiyuu!).

  • I am the anonymous poster.

    Yeah, read that Red. What a crazy world we live in.. I mean.. sure, I get how someone can find it creepy and all.. but calling those who play Neptunia a paedophile and child molester? I am starting to think the word has lost its meaning these days..

    Oh and they absolutely make fun of it. Make no mistake. Japan isn’t a place where everyone loves anime, will hug you, have cats everywhere etc. No. Sex games and even anime isn’t “highly respected” there. People there are just as judgemental if not more. If I were to say one thing.. I’d guess it’s that their laws are not as bad as some countries so far. I think it’s more “I hate it but I will tolerate it” in Japan than anything else when it comes to sex games and loli etc.

    I must also comment the richness thing. I’ve played a few here and there, and certainly, I’ve gotten the cream of the crop and all of that.. but honestly I would still have to disagree. But perhaps more in terms of “I enjoy it” than “everything is fucking rich”. But nevertheless.. even the worse ones I’ve played have been enjoyable.

    Okay let’s phrase it a better way — if you compare it to anime, the visual novels are a lot longer so you get to know the characters better. Even stereotypical characters can be enjoyable since they are all different somehow, especially considering the new settings each time.

    I’m not claiming of speaking for anyone, but I really can’t say it any better than that it’s just so much more enjoyable than most other things I’ve experienced in other mediums, whetever it’s anime or normal games. Take Kira Kira for example — I loved it, and it’s still just one out of many of those types of games. It beats my experience with many of my top ranked anime series.

    In the very end.. I would say yes, I am certain I’m romanticizing it all too much. But at the same time I’ve played quite a lot, honestly speaking, and I really, really, like what I’ve played so far. I just know it by experience that I have a very high aptitude for visual novels and the likes. I don’t know how else to express it. Certainly moving to Japan in case they were banned might be a bit too much — but it sums up my feelings pretty well. For me they have been extremely enjoyable so far.

    Well to cut it short — am I exaggerating? Absolutely. But it sums up my feelings pretty well.

  • You mean to tell me that Japan is not a utopia where everyone sits around playing porn games all day? I guess our Anonymous user is going to have to cancel those flight plans.

    • I just have to ask — did I misunderstand you? Because I still cannot fathom your response if it was really aimed at me.

  • Okay, what’s up with the attitude Red? All I’ve said is that I am a fan of visual novels. I’ve never even mentioned sex scenes, I’ve never even stated I like loli or other questionable things. I’ve not said that Japan is an utopia of any sort. I’ve not even said that “THEY’RE THE BEST THING EVER!1111” — I said they’ve been very enjoyable _to me_.

    Jesus christ on a broom stick… I don’t get some people. So you’re automatically a weeabo or something akin to that because you have taken a liking to something? Despite never having said that they are the best thing ever? Despite never saying that Japan is the best place ever? The only thing I have said of substance is that I’d move to Japan if they were ever banned. Sure, that’s extreme, and I over exaggerated, but if you find something you really like, what’s wrong with that? If you loved books and they were banned would you still think it’s absolutely silly?

    I’m still shocked tbh, especially when you say yourself on your own blog that you love visual novels so much. I’m not any different.

    • lol, you’ve misunderstood. I’m not implying any of those things. My comment is tongue-in-cheek and more in response to Aaeru’s post.

      I think it’s great that you’re this passionate about visual novels.

      • Yeah I kind of understand once I looked more at the structure of this blog — I thought it was a direct comment at me, then I saw that I posted on the same day that Aaeru did, and that she said something about Japan and how it’s not as good as people claim it to be.

        I’m sorry for the confusion, I meant nothing bad. Sorry!

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