Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier Full English Fan Translation on Youtube

13416 Wtfcakes linked me this youtube *fan translation* of Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier []. Apparently a person by the name of Kratosirving at has been translating the whole game… *ahem* HAS translated the whole game! …Now to clarify… it’s not a full fan translation per se, because he skips some of the descriptive texts. I’m pretty sure all of the dialogue has been translated though.

Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier: Full Video Walkthrough
Playlist 1 (Prologue – Scene 74)
Playlist 2 (Scene 75 – End)
EXSSchnee Kristall Playlist 

I’ve made some screenshots. fort1a Now I’m not sure why but even from my untrained eyes I can tell he uploaded his videos squished. Basically, the aspect ratio is wrong. Which is……… it is a shame…fort5a The translation is NOT good. It’s raw unedited text if you don’t mind it. I also can’t say for sure regarding accuracy I didn’t go through very much of it but it’s on the weak side.fort4afort3a You have to click Captions at the bottom right then press ‘English’ to turn on translated subtitles.fort6afort2 Later in the series he moves up to 720p… but the aspect ratio is still wrong.fort7afort8a But in theory you can play the whole of Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier non-H version ‘fully’ in English! …So long as you do not mind the 1) low res, 2) engrish & 3) aspect ratio issues. It’s not perfect but this is his love letter to the game, that’s his liberty, and it doesn’t prevent someone else who comes after from creating a 2nd higher quality fan translation.

Some old guards would probably be asking the question, is it really okay to plug such poor translation projects? My answer is here on Ixrec’ blog in the comments. Except it’s not there anymore! he deleted it. Oh well I did refute him where it hurts. Basically so long as we make sure that nobody is tricked, all parties involved know what they are getting into, then it’s perfectly okay.

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  • The aspect ratios are actually fine, just that the earlier video qualities aren’t too great. Think something could be wrong with your flash…?

    • Don’t get me wrong, the aspect ratios in those screenshots you posted are certainly bad, but when I play the videos, they look fine for me.

      • No, the aspect ratio is definitely wrong. Fortissimo runs natively at 16:9, but Kratosirving letterboxes the video caps at 720×480, so they appear horizontally squished. He doesn’t correct this until the very end, at around scene 139.

        I guess the thinking was to have some black space, so the subtitles would be more legible, but he didn’t do it right. You have to set AR to 4:3 when you letterbox.

        Also, Aaeru, if Flash player is crashing frequently, it’s probably because some of the more recent releases from Adobe have been buggy pieces of crap.

      • Hmm, the 360p ones actually are vertically squished at 540×270 for me.
        But the 720p ones do look correct.

        And yeah, flash has been acting like shit in firefox ever since their recent updates.

  • Wait, so i understand he worked for four years to live with his sister Sayuki, But when did he leave the island? Was it four years ago or one year ago? Then the part about separating from Miki for only a year while it’s four years for his sister makes me confused too. If it was just a year, couldn’t he have seen his sister in school? And if it’s four years, what was that with Miki?

    • Uuuhhh…If I remember right, he just came back to the island after four years. He was always in contact with his sister (through phone & stuff), but never contacted Miki once while he was away.

  • do you have distinct eng patch to install , bro ? i wanna play in game , not watch on youtube 🙁
    btw : Fortissimo FA :v and thanks very much if you share me distinct eng patch :”>

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