July Eroge Overview

b0139939_4fe0859654f30 Teruterubouzu has written a July eroge overview at blog. (note: Imouto no Katachi delayed to August)

Normally you should visit Micchi’s much much more informative monthly posts on eroge releases where the writing doesn’t reek of peer-pressure. See July 2012 Eroge Releases [hauomochikaeri].

Myself I cannot wait for 時計仕掛けのレイライン -黄昏時の境界線-
!…….. which is NOT drawn by Noizi Ito… T.T (Noizi Ito is working for the Disgaea team at Nippon Ichi).

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  • Just got this:
    ” In the interest of full disclosure, you are now banned from the TLWiki and per Moogy’s request”

    oh well ill just use a proxy then.

    in the end, he is revealing himself to the world as the loser who grovel in moral low ground if he cannot accept a legitimate critique of his own written work.

    So much for setting up the premier VN Translation Wiki yet lacking the impartiality to run it as a service for fans.

    It is not a good thing that several of the fan translation scenes important roles are being occupied by an elite that doesn’t hesitate to exploit their power by Including or Excluding ppl based on personal biases.

    I recognized this ages ago, that is why it is a good thing to start a whole fan translation community anew (forums.fuwanovel), because the culture of the old one is rotten. It actually inhibits fan translation and discourages newcomers.

    • It’s because instead of Fuwanovel being a VN community you’ve turned it into your own little glorified battlefield against how the world works. I do not know a single person who supports you anymore.

      • u know rabla.

        Lets see, I want to promote fan translation. (1 of my original aims)

        When you promote fan translation, you are promoting copyright infringement.

        Now how can we not talk about copyright if we are promoting infringement of copyright?

        The online world is not disconnected from the real world. U seem to be oblivious to the fact that there has been a COPYRIGHT WAR going on? and that any 1 of these bad bills being passed means the END OF FREE INTERNET?? (i.e. no more VN fan translation. i.e. no more fansubbed anime). yet u say i am too extreme to be talking about copyright on my OWN damned site that I paid for? (actually it was donated by the community but ill be paying the monthly upkeep)

        Why do you think Europe protested against ACTA in the millions? because they are criminalizing copyright infringement at an even grander scale.
        Time to wake up and inspect what the government is telling us. Because I have prove that they are lying to u. You are being conned.

        See this video.
        dw it has got nothing to do with SOPA/PIPA/ACTA

        U remember that anti-piracy video “Piracy It’s a Crime“?
        well the guy who wrote the music for that is suing the anti-piracy organization BREIN for millions
        when you have hypocrisy THIS blatant, uve got to be crazy to trust everything they say.

        The younger generations are not buying their propaganda anymore. The pirate party is the fastest growing political party in HUMAN HISTORY. ppl are waking up to this shit

  • Good grief … I don’t know the details but … Why does this turn out as some kind of war ?!? I mean … don’t all of us want the same thing (to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy VNs that is) ?

    • thats what i thought too when i first started. but quickly i learnt it was anything BUT. they actually just plain hate any1 else who gets involved.

      From what we can tell, looks like the public folder got wiped, and the daemons for control panel and ssh got terminated. It’s most unlikely to be the host provider caving in on a C&D bcuz I would have gotten notice.

      yeap, this was a HACK

  • Wow. Just… wow. I don’t care what issues you have with Aaeru, but this is so immature, childish and wow.. I just lose my ability to write just thinking about the hypocrisy.

    First off – yelling obscene words and insulting someone merely for linking to your blog? Am in kindergarten again? Even if you hate her with a passion — “stop reading what I put on public display”?

    What really gets to me though, is all the hate for Fuwanovel and Aaeru. No, I mean, can’t you smell the hypocrisy? Acting like white knights? Here’s some news for you. Translation patches are not legal in most countries on earth – and you don’t respect the authors right by releasing them without their permission. It’s still copyright infringement – and acting like you’re better than someone in scenarios like that is just laughable. Frankly, I don’t know if she decided to release the full games with the patches or not, but nevertheless, it’s a “crime” either way.

    Of course personally, I think it’s their own fault for not releasing the game with translation in English, and I can’t say I feel it’s morally wrong to release a translation patch. Offering the full game for free obviously is a much more complex issue.

    Anyway.. like I said, it’s still a crime and if we’re going with the logic that pro copyright people uses, they lose money from potential customers that they could’ve made. Either from people who learnt the language and bought it afterwards, or by releasing it internationally with English as an option. Heck you “steal” potential translators money. (I don’t agree that it’s wrong, but the law and other people don’t).

    TLDR: Stop being so childish, if we’re going with the logic that pro copyright people uses, the owners lose money either way. I don’t agree with that logic personally, but nevertheless it’s the same crime.

  • Wow moogy how sad, of you. You are quite the hyporacrite, saying you care about translations and expanding the vn community. In the end it’s all about you and your delusions.

    The great VN’s wont see public english releases in at least a generation. As we are a too small cummunity and growing too slow, anyone who thinks the big companies will recognize us anytime soon is wearing tinted glasses.

    The way to gain a bigger community is to have great vn’s in english, for free and its easily available and easy to install.
    From there its needed to spread the info about vn’s to Japanese art lovers in the west. Manga, anime sites, etc.

    Even if aaeru is disrespecting the wishes of many TL’s, which I understand fully why. Anyone would after reading their strong opinions and hard work. Though its abit sad and hyporacritic that they think that people buying the game from japan is going to do anything in the eyes of developers. (even less in the terms of earnings.)

    Though its a different case with the smaller companies as they could give out a lisence to JAST or Mangagamer and not only the die hard fans could get a legal copy of the game.

    In the end its all up to each induvidual how to view this, I would just say that he* is not looking at it very objectively. Seems to care more about his e-pen that than anything..

  • While I don’t want to comment about the usual anti-copyright antics, I gotta say something :

    No matter if your theory/ideal is true or not, you will end up being hated if you don’t respect fan and translators, the people who you want to “unite”.
    Learn to listen before you learn to talk. If you want to convey them, learn why they won’t be conveyed.

    • Well the problem is I don’t know any individuals that go by the name: ‘fans and translators’,… as though ‘fans and translators’ in the COLLECTIVE has a will and an opinion or that it can even be spoken to. I mean, I speak to plenty of fans and translators, most of them have no problem with me creating a piracy site or using translation patches freely that has been made public. (i actually do not even understand this hypocritical idea that u can create translation patches without the author’s permission and THEN turn around and stamp your feet at others when they create derivatives works off your releases…) Claymoresmiley from team fluffy seems to be fine with my idea. Slashzero from Yandere seems to be fine, no dissent from him either. TenguTranslations ppl I get along with. Even if you name an entire community such as the 2000 or so at /jp/, I hardly think they speak with one voice and share the same opinion on any number of these issues (although 90% of them dont give a shit anyway lol), Heck I hear a lot of ppl griping about commercial takeover of fan translation by JAST and Mangagamer. (do they actually want to phase fan translation out as much as possible?) I have the bookmark to every single visual novel thread [eng] on the entire internet, and I tell you, it is bigger than any one community, so u have to Be specific.

      I hear some ppl advocate total subservience to commercial entities, that the fan translators role is to maximize commercial profit for others. I don’t agree with this view. In fact i feel it is self-deprecating, that ppl who work for free to spread culture, to make society a better place which is leading to this… flowering of Japanese subculture everywhere and the cultural development of everyone who is poor (the very purpose of copyright. see US constitution) is morally lower ground than Peter Payne.

      Listen. I advocate Co-existence. The principle is this, We dont touch titles that have been licensed, and they dont touch ours. (actually that is not what I truly believe but I manually set these ‘principles’ to help ease visitors into hearing about our ideas […because of the Overton Window effect]) an example: chaos;head or wind-abreath of heart- isnt licensed, yet they rot and mold while making no money anyway.

      Fan translation needs to move TOWARDS the Free Culture Movement, not away from it. I dont even agree with most of the things that Lawrence Lessig says, but the movement has expanded beyond Mr Lessig’s ideas – theyve grown further than what he represented. [See Everything is a Remix]

      “Unite” is a very old word. I dont use that word anymore, in fact Ive grown past that word, I realized that it was silly to try and unite everyone. I am really more interested in creating a new community of fans and then reaching fan translators 1 by 1 on IRC or by email. I will show them my ideas (which has been 90% prepared), if they reject it, no big deal. We move on to others. If they accept it with suggestions, ill take those suggestions to heart.

      A conversation is an exchange of ideas. You give me some of your ideas, and I will give you some of mine. If the ideas collide, then THAT’S GOOD. it means it my views might need some more work. It means I may have some homework to do. I actually do not know which Aaeru yorhel or moogy have spoken to but they sure claim to know me well when they say I dont change positions. Ive changed positions PLENTY of times (like with the “unite” thing). I can read my own writing from 2 weeks ago and disagree with what ive written.

      If there is one truth on the internet, it’s this. No matter what you do, someone is going to hate you. At least what I do, I do it on my OWN property setting up my OWN website and forums on my OWN servers (which intrudes on no1 from doing the same), ppl who dont like it can just close the window. Unlike some ‘others’ who feel so threatened by my ideas that they feel they have to enter MY property, delete MY entire directory, and shut the control panels down so u cant SSH, shut EVERYTHING down in order to feel safe again. All of this happened within 30 seconds of me being banned from What a coincidence.

      Ironically, I was writing a piece on the US Declaration of Independence and quoting the first amendment of the US Constitution to encourage fan translators to not feel ashamed of what theyre doing even in the face of C&D (jurisprudence by natural law), and then all of a sudden, my article disappears, along with my wiki, along with everything on my server, over … over SOME STUPID BLOG POST.

      I mean, this is how hilariously trite these ppl are.

      It is inexplicable behaviour, bcuz theyre closing down my expression on copyright, when a Copyright War is being waged on these very wires that will dictate the personal futures of all of us. Do they have no idea that the free internet is being threatened by extremely powerful forces who are bent on destroying our privacy and free speech? (see

      (ps: sry i got a new puppy a few days ago thats y i havent had the time to sort out fuwanovel. ill get around to it soon)

      cream of the crop research:

      • I just simply pointed a psychological things that probably will make you a bit more (generally) respected. That “I spoke with two sentences and you replied with everything that you known” behavior is an example of your habit that I, and maybe some other people, don’t really favor. You should know already that people don’t really like when people force their idea to other (especially when it’s presented with tl;dr text), despite if the idea is true or not. Also, generally people also dislike someone that has too much passion in something and spam it without considering that if people need that information or not. I’m not trying to say that nobody like your topic, but you can try to change your pace to make it looks more convincing.

        Except if you just want to rant your thoughts and don’t care if people will accept your idea or not. Knowing that “No matter what you do, someone is going to hate you” is a good step, but trying to be more likeable won’t hurt you, too.

        Well, at least I read your entire reply and sometimes visit your blog, since I appreciate some of your ideas. I disliked some, but I won’t debate with you since I saw most of my thoughts are already conveyed by some people before. Probably it’s better that you could probably just start the fuwanovel already and see if it works or not.

      • My reply is not for you. it’s for the ppl who read this blog.

        I never thought to bother to convince some1 like you seeing as you left a two sentence with a: “Learn to listen before you learn to talk.” and then there is no argument to where i didnt bother to listen, only talk. that WAS your first comment. in the 2nd comment you made some points… okay. i accept the points u make in the 2nd comment. but your first comment was hostile and troll-like and was completely baseless. Therefore I responded accordingly. Sure. It’s not ‘likeable’… but that’s cause you were not very either.

        Those ppl who have found the copyright regime too restrictive who feel like their expression is being suppressed will find what I say emancipatory to them. Those ppl who do not care, will not care. and I don’t dawdle on the ones who never cared to converse copyright anyway. They are not my target audience.

        “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

      • zeroyuki92 except for the ‘friendly’ part (see explanation above). also you forget the context. U have to be aware of why your own words dont appear friendly to me in this context which is kind of your own advice to me isnt it?

  • Moogy is some paranoid autist who sponges off his parents and isn’t isn’t [pink]TOLERANT[/pink]. Thinks English is an awful language and is literally a weeaboo in every sense of the world.

    Aaeru supports… something and thinks the word waifu refers to domestic abuse. Said she had a month to live and is still alive.

  • I’m just saying but i love visual novels and completely support fan translating but the only thing that came to mind while reading this is, who the fuck is Moogy.

  • Aaeru, don’t be a fag and ignore Moogay. We all want more communities to retreat to when one dies out or gets bad, (I’m looking at you /jp/) but it’s like you don’t have a concrete mindset of how you want things to work. And thus your site goes nowhere as you pointlessly argue with faggots who don’t want to share their shiny toys.

    • I dont know what youre talking about. I couldn’t care less what the existing community thinks. They are not my target audience. They have their own culture, they have their own message boards, just stick to those.

      We’re creating our own message board with a different culture and with the added caveat of showing ppl that they don’t have to cave-in to C&D.

      “you pointlessly argue with faggots”
      no shit.

      fuwanovel the site was done ages ago. all this time ive either been too ill to launch it, or i was researching copyright. I spent 4 months non-stop researching copyright. The physical platform is nothing. Anyone can create a physical platform to conduct piracy. That is not special. The ideas behind the platform however are much much more important. The ideas can be copied and they can spread to other sites. We can create a new generation of fans that understands copyright and what it means for it to “Promote the Progress of ‘Learning’ and Useful Arts” as opposed to the propaganda u see coming from mainstream media which society has so bought into.

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