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Games you will never play–Imouto no Katachi (successor to Yosuga no Sora)

imoutob  Title: Imouto no Katachi
JP Title: イモウトノカタチ
Studio: Sphere
Release Date: 31/08/2012
Official Site: []
VNDB: []

This game is created by the same company who made Yosuga no Sora (!) which came out way back in 2008! Wow… time flies. It’s been a long development time… 3 years. Looks like all the staff are the same. The writers are the same as Yosuga no Sora. They have Hashimoto Katashi (YNG, White Breath) + 2 others for artists. Playing through the trial… lots of jealous imoutos and lots of comedy. Looking forward to its release in August.

imouto5imouto4imouto7imouto10imouto6imouto9imouto11imouto8imouto21imouto20imouto18imouto17imouto16imouto15imouto14imouto13imouto12imouto19  Chimari wtf???!!  >.<

imouto22  This girl in the wheelchair she wasn’t introduced in the demo but she’s voiced by Natsuno Koori !!… i.e. the same voice actor as Sora from Yosuga no Sora.

Note: You can play this game if you know Japanese.
PS: If you do not
know Japanese, You can play this game in 12 months time if you follow this guide: How to read Visual Novels in Japanese (step by step guide) ― learn to read through VN or anime. You will need 2 hours per day for 365 days straight.

PSS: Even if you don’t know Japanese, you can somewhat play this game if you use machine translation assistance. You will be able to glance the meaning via context.


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11 years ago

chimari is love at first site!! I must learn the language so wait for me chimariiiiii!!!

11 years ago

[…] a quick preview of the game, see Imouto no Katachi (Successor to Yosuga no Sora). Share this:TwitterStumbleUponRedditFacebookTumblrEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

9 years ago

how to install it ?

onegai ,give me a prosedure