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「Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~」 English Release Delayed!

141863388265158787  Clannad_Man has made a post on Doki website announcing a delayed release for Tomoyo After because they’re trying to work out some bugs for the RPG minigame Dungeons & Takafumis (D&T). Here’s the post.

“While this is understandably disappointing, I do have some good news to provide. Doki has recently acquired the ability to create a patch for the consumer safe (that is, hentai free) Memorial Edition of Tomoyo After. As you may be aware, the Memorial Edition of Tomoyo After has a differing storyline from the original and contains substantially more text than the aforementioned hentai version.”  – Clannad_Man

But the good news is, they’re working on translating the Memorial Edition of Tomoyo After as well! Which means h-scene free and 50% longer!!gfs_87491_2_3 No ETA for now. but Keep your spirits high! Cuz it’s coming.


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    July 18, 2012 at 11:24 am

    … YAY! 😀

    I’m really really really glad to see more fan translators support all-ages versions of VNs. After all, visual novels like these should be enjoyed by everybody :3

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    July 18, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Right on Pepe. All-ages versions often have more content to make up for the loss of hentai, which is great. I don’t care for the hentai anyway, and I’d rather have more content. For other people it also means that they can legally acquire them, if say.. they live in Canada, UK and countries where cartoon porn can lead to problems (are the breasts too small? too realistic? are their age never stated and the story takes place in a school?).

    Well – in any case, I kind of went on and on there.. like you said – it means it can be enjoyed by everybody and just like Katawa Shoujo affected people, it gives more exposure to visual novels in the west. Heck I can imagine quite a lot of people willing to give this and the original visual novel a try, seeing as the anime version was so well received.

    This is awesome =)

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