[X360] Root Double being created by Ever17 writer has 2 protagonists, just like before! now please please make this NON-region locked! (;ω;) (29/03/12)

I’ve introduced this game once before.
Root Double Before Crime * After Days has been labelled an SF Suspense ADV and it is being produced and directed by Nakazawa Takumi (中澤工) who is the writer of Ever17 and the infinity series as well as『I/O』.
A release date has been ascribed:  
29/03/12 on the Xbox360!  Preorders are now open. Buy it at these places. [][][][] (not yet posted)

So in Root Double there are two protagonists and therefore two perspectives to the story. Brief Intro: (so incredibly Ever17…)
The year is 2030, on the 16th day of September, 6 o’clock at night. At the outskirts of 鹿鳴研究学園都市 (city name) a mysterious accident occurs within a huge science lab. 9 people (both men and women) are trapped inside the building. While the survivors flounder for an escape route, strange happenings begin to occur… one by one bizarre occurrences… and then a frivolous mass-murder unfolds…

The story can follow two perspectives: Kasasagi Watase, the leader of the rescue team who has lost his memory and who must lead the survivors out of the facility within 9 hours.

OR Tenkawa Natsuhiko a 1st year high school student who experiences the horrors within the lab for six days post-accident.

When the memories of both these protagonists come together will the source of this devastation be revealed?

Although what is even more fascinating to me is that the Drama CD that comes with the limited edition of Root Double is about a 5th grader who is a psychic-power user Kirara-chan! Kirara’s story is set 11 years before the events of Root Double and somehow, her story works as a component to understanding the full story.

The game will employ two systems: Senses Sympathy System and RAM system.
You can read about them here. Also you can check out this 3 part interview.

The interpersonal connections and systems and the inner workings of this game are very complex. This is supposed to be Nakazawa’s greatest game yet so if you can somehow get your hands on it then do do so. You probably won’t be disappointed.

did someone say… Shana?


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