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[English release] The follow-up game to Clannad which nobody played (…or watched). Little Busters will be here in a month!

Little Busters is 100% translated and edited. Roughly 1 more month to go, expect sometime in January. Just fixing technical issues now. Also see article: Vava (the head of Visual Arts) explains why Little Busters never received an anime adaptation. [link] Little Busters wikipedia article. [wikipedia] Little Busters translation status [spreadsheet].

Little Busters! (2007)

My Highest Personal Recommendation:
This game has been a long time favourite of mine, by far the most funny visual novel I have ever played. It’s something to do with the boke (idiot) jokes that are so creative and well-crafted they make the characters. every single one of them brings a smile to my face. Seriously. If you enjoyed the humour in Clannad and was possibly moved by some of the nicer scenes during the anime, Play this. It’s physically impossible to regret it.

And seriously. The girls in this game are moe~! Whoever ditches this because they can’t have their harem are totally in the wrong! It’s like a melding of comedy and moe into one.

^ Haruka is basically Kyou from Clannad but version UP! … not quite… but they both have purple hair and they come to visit the main protag’s classroom all the time.

Maybe you’ve seen images of this girl with the white cape. Little Busters common route is the ONLY place you can find Kud the original as intended by Jun Maeda (the humour and the moe is powerful here).

Her personality absolutely gets slaughtered in the expansion pack Kud Wafter <—do not play! Fortunately, no one will ever translate that piece of crap so consider yourselves fortunate.

The ORIGINAL Wafuu~! greeting. See it give birth in this game…. her English is world-class brilliance!

Sasassasa…Sasasegawa Sasami ace rival and principle tsundere character. Unfortunately you won’t be able to play her route in the upcoming release. She will be playable in the expansion Little Busters! Ecstasy <– which will eventually become fluffy’s new project. (once dango has had his long deserved break. )
Stalk him here: [twitter] fluffy project home IRC channel is #fluffy at synIRC! 

Jun Maeda major works as writer in the following games:
ONE (1998 co-written with his most respected senpai Hisaya-san)
Kanon (1999)
Air (2000)
Clannad (2004 everything except Kyou)
Clannad Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de (2010, few chapters are his. PSP or PS3 version with DLC only) [official site]
Tomoyo After (2005, mostly by Reo) 
Little Busters (2007, main route and Rin) 
Angel Beats (2010 anime)

A large number of the in-game BGM is also written by him as well as the theme songs. More importantly… he is ikemen! (which has kind of become an in-joke now)

Photo on the posted on blog 3rd of Dec 2011.

Currently applying finishing touches to 終わりの惑星のLove song (‘A love song at the end of the planet’) [official site]

Jun Maeda performing in front of a live-audience in 2010.

In many ways Little Busters is a predecessor to Angel Beats.
Air is usually heralded as Jun Maeda’s best work although I have not played it (only watched the anime – which I hear is very bad)


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11 years ago

AIR wasn’t bad per se. I enjoyed at least half of it. In the overall spectrum I am inclined to agree with the heralded opinion.

And yeah the LB girls are probably intended to be moe. It just shouts that from the art alone. And Haruka is so not Kyou but oddly yes they have trouble interruptions and hot impact and generate more activity.

11 years ago

The comparison to Angel Beats is very spot on. Going too much into how is hard to describe without spoiling. Well both certainly have a more vibrant upbeat setting on the surface unlike the more solemn or sleepy attitude you get in Kanon, Air and Clannad.

11 years ago

So it is going to be released soon. Great I wanted to play it for a while. also being all ages because it is easier to play that way.

But I think little busters is not so unknown the main theme is the number one on Rita’s last fm page.

jyuichi (@jyuichi)
11 years ago

I liked Kud Wafter. Sure the first route was typical fandisc fodder but the second half really got to me.
Kud’s route in LB is shit.

11 years ago

When it came to the Air anime… I think it had a really good concept but they were severely limited with the number of episodes. Considering they had three different “chapters” to the story (From memory) and 12 episodes – it was very very rushed.

Also.. YAY! about the translation!

11 years ago

For some reason I thought that the air anime was better than the game. And I just couldn’t bring myself to like Little Busters as much as I liked Air and Clannad (way too many WTF moments). Well, I’m just odd that way I guess.

Reply to  Choux
11 years ago

Yikes, leaving that comment just made me think of all the stuff that urked me. For instance, how Riki managed to not notice the relationship between Haruka and Kanata even though they look absolutely identical, how Mio’s reasons for carrying a parasol are ridiculous because she faces the exact same problem inside, except without her parasol, how one of Sasami’s followers actually use a piece of her chewed gum as a power-up item….

Oot (@MasterOot)
11 years ago

Congrats on the 100th Post! 😀

11 years ago

=3 Interesting that i found this page.

Anyways, i really enjoyed Little Busters! as well. Rin is definitely my favourite… enough that i actually drew her a few times…

11 years ago

That last pic… the girl with the umbrella shouldn’t be like that. (spoiler-related). Or am I wrong?

Reply to  Wrathkal
11 years ago

Technically it should be ok because we only see a little bit and she has socks that are pretty long

11 years ago

Ohh LB! LB! LB! ;DD
I’ll finally going to be able to enjoy Rin’s route and Refrain >w<

Kun Jason Rhee
11 years ago

Hmm… In my personal opinion, many of Key’s games were pretty disappoint.

I don’t know… it just seems as if everything is pretty “flat”.

Same concept:
1) Increase affection for characters
2) Make sad event
3) Usually end with something happy.

Reply to  Kun Jason Rhee
11 years ago

Yeah it’s true!

Vava himself admits to saying that Key studio follows a ‘crying’ formula for all their stories. They know every single brain process that causes people to feel sad and then just systematically punch each of the dials out, one by one by one… until… TADA~! the viewer is sad. very mechanical…

Well a lot of drama soap opera on Japanese TV are also called crying shows. people in Japan like to watch TV to cry, and Key just inherited the system so can’t really blame them for copying an old trick

11 years ago

Yay awesome. Too bad I only have the first press non-ero edition.

11 years ago

I just realized that this was the blog where I found reference to little busters. After playing the game and falling madly in love with it, I wanted to thank you but I forgot the address of the site, I’m glad to have found it again 🙂 Thank you so much! ^^

Reply to  aurora6290
11 years ago

Yay! I dunno how but yay~

high fives >.<

Reply to  Aaeru
11 years ago

*high fives back*