Breakthrough! $8.70 international shipping per eroge from (need confirmation)

Ok this I believe is the cheapest and EASIEST way to get pre-ordered eroge (i.e. new & dispatched on release day). It’s via [amiami]

Price is:

Based on the average weight of 600grams per boxed copy. Please select SAL (unregistered) for  6-13 days delivery. Works out at 1040 yen per kilogram i.e $8 per game. For other services, please use this tool. The reason why it is so cheap is because we are abusing the Small Package service, the cheapest in existence (thanks to @jyuichi for the info). There is Sea mail which is half that price. You must pay by Credit Card. If you want limited editions, please adjust for additional weight accordingly.



“Here is where I need some helpI need confirmation. Unfortunately normally I would just do the research myself and then write it up here, but thanks to’s hetare, that is not possible for the mean time. Amiami has a number of items up for cheap. Pick one and see if they send it to you. If they don’t, then they will just refund straight away.” Thank you.

Do note that if you select English user interface up at the top, their catalogue shrinks. So it is better to use the Japanese site Also Amiami tokuten is quite weak. If you are willing to pay the ‘much larger prices’ for Sofmap and Getchu tokuten, then you will need to use or Yokatta Shopping Service. Note for older releases,, sofmap or suruga-ya will always be cheaper.

In the future I will write a comprehensive guide to shopping for eroge. For now you can  refer to relentlessflame’s guides and merry x’mas peoples! And yes it is true I’ve been spending less time on this blog, that is because I’ve been working on a secret project :3

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  • I’d order a copy, but not many games are worth buying recently. I’ve purchased all the games I’ve wanted so far, and I really don’t want to spend ~$50 for a game I think is “Okay”.

    I’ll look into this though… I don’t think Amiami would ship games that are for Japan Sales only; doesn’t the producers decide that?

  • When you are on the japanese site of amiami, you can’t log in with your english account.Registering for a japanese account requires an address in japan. So the only option for foreigners would be the english version for shopping. I don’t think, that the items that are only avaiable on the japanese site, would be sent internationally anyway.

    • Even though it says Japan Only, it appears that it is only in label, they seem to be sending out items to overseas customers anyway.

      yeah… unfortunately it really is a preorders industry (especially so for a smaller dealer like Amiami). Heck Sofmap’s inventory for new games is laughable compared to their second-hand stock. For new there is Amazon and the wonderful Getchu.

  • SAL small packet is not that bad as you make it out to be, I think. A recent purchase of mine from Japan reached my backwater village in Greece within 10 days. Maybe it’s different for the US?

  • Anyone got experience with Yokatta Shopping Service? How do they calculate the comission? Is it always 700 Yen each order, regardless the amount of items and total price of the order?

    • very fast reply and extremely reasonable pricing.

      just make sure you do what they say and tag your paypal order as ‘Gift’ otherwise you get charged extra 300-400yen

  • How does it send in 6-13 days if it specifically says
    “*SAL Small Packet (Unregistered): 3-6 weeks delivery. No delivery confirmation, no insurance. Size/weight restrictions apply.”

  • No it’s very strange so I looked it up again. Amiami labelled 3-6 weeks but the data doesn’t agree with other sources. Japan post says 2~ weeks while I’ve found other places that say 6-13 days. For example

    SAL unregistered and SAL registered is exactly the same speed. registered ‘guarantees’ the delivery because it requires signature.

    Other people from Canada and America don’t seem to have had too many problems

  • One last question Aaeru, do you know whether AmiAmi takes prepaid credit cards?

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