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[Liar-soft] Steampunk Full voice ReBORN 3-in-1 set preorders close on the 04/12/11. (URGENT!)

(Edit: OP released). For those people who wish to purchase Liar-soft’s Full voice limited edition 3-in-1 set which includes the re-release of:

  • Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- [vndb]
  • Souten No Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~ [vndb]
  • Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- [vndb]

Be quick because Preorders close on the 04/12/11!
Order it at these places: [] [] []. These shops accept foreign credit cards but they will not ship internationally. You will need to use a proxy such as (Sofmap only charging 8,480 yen and giving out free deskmat)
If you don’t make the deadline, you will be stuck purchasing each game for an RRP of 3,990 yen individually!

The Full voice re-release of three Liar-soft classics include:

  1. Gameplay OFF option! The gameplay segments (Celenaria SLG, Inganock 心の声,  Sharnoth escape part) can all be skipped! Although according to DxS you should not skip Inganock’s gameplay because it’s important.
  2. 20,000 newly recorded voiced lines!
  3. New CGs!
  4. Limited set (deadline: 04/12/11) includes 3 soundtrack discs that were only available at the time of release for each of the 3 games.

A complete English translation patch was released for Sharnoth by Amaterasu Translations.
For non-Liar-soft fans, now is a better time than ever to get sucked in.  See EGS reviews for each game.


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12 years ago

This is what the box covers look like for each!/yambalukuina/status/141462940271378433

Insane Mad Strategist
12 years ago

Dayum. Glad I already have this and Shiei no Sona-nyl ordered from! Absolutely adore Liar-soft’s vns!

11 years ago

[…] Ixrec put out in this blog post, the English translation patches for the Full Voice version of Sekien no Inganock and Shikkoku no Sharnoth! Basically last year at this time, Liar-soft re-released the Steampunk series full-voice reborn version that adds voiced lines for all lines from all characters (even side characters) and extra CG [which i blogged here]. […]