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[Interview] Ore no imouto game sequel: with Fushimi Tsukasa (the author)

This is a partial translation of the interview article posted on Dengeki Online (or here) on the 24th of November titled, “In Orenoimo P sequel how will each of the heroine’s routes work? We ask Fushimi Tsukasa (the author of oreimo) in a 3P discussion.” The same article can also be found on Dengeki Playstation Vol. 507.

Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai Portable ga tsuzuku wake ga nai 「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない ポータブルが続くわけがない」…literally, ‘There is no way there is a sequel to the portable game of Oreimo’.

Of course being a big fan of the series & the LN and the fact that this second game is instant buy for me… I couldn’t let this one slip up. So here goes.

At the discussion table there is Fushimi Tsukasa (the author), 二見鷹介 or Futami  (the producer for the game) and 三木一馬 or Miki (who is Dengeki vice editor-in-chief).

Question 1. How did you decide on creating a sequel to this game? Skipped. (Too formal)

Question 2. How is the second game different from the first?
Well in the first game, Ayase route and Kanako route were both written by Fushimi-san.

Fushimi: Well in this game I wrote plenty of it too.
Miki: Yes it’s true… there weren’t very many Media Mix authors who were very keen on helping out…
Futami: To speed our readers up, here is a summary of all the pieces of information that have been revealed in previous updates.

  • Heroines: Kirino, Kuroneko (Yamineko), Manami, Saori, Ayase, Kanako, Sena.
  • Fushimi wrote these himself:  Kirino (sister-in-law route), Kanako route, Saori route, Yamineko route (short story), hidden route (short story), Ayase route (Only Epilogue) and the common route.
  • On the get-go: Each of the routes begin with Kyosuke date the girl for the first time.
  • Unlike the previous game: Both Kirino and Saori will sport a proper ending.
  • What-if scenario: What if Kirino and Kyosuke weren’t actually blood-related sisters? That’s the sister-in-law route.
  • Yamineko route: Takes the branch of the story at the end of Ayase route (end of summer comiket) where if Ayase did not actually confess to Kyosuke. What would happen.
  • Sena route: Branches off from the LNs.
  • Kirino and Sena: already knew each other but Kyosuke had not known this.
  • Finally: The concept for this game is ‘Yep. It’s going to continue from this point where you’d expect it to end. Yep, it’s really going to continue.

Fushimi: well the truth is, I really really wanted to write the entire game but the director would not let me. I was asked to look over what the other authors had written and that was as hard as me writing it myself…
Futami: I see
Fushimi: but as you would imagine, the two people assigned to our writing team are the same two guys from the last game so now with their solid understanding of the story there was far less hiccup.
Fushimi: they told me, you can’t write all of it Fushimi we don’t have the time and I was told to choose between Kanako route, other routes, Kirino route or Saori route… I said, please let me do Kirino (laughs).
Miki: It’s great you had such initiative on the project.
Fushimi: well in the end I wrote Saori route anyway.
Fushimi: yes and also the hidden route which is locked and can only be played on your second way through the game.

Question 3. why was it that you wrote Ayase’s epilogue only but not her route?
Fushimi: well because this project had been structured in quite a special way, there were segments that I wanted to write more than others so I took that opportunity. I ended up writing Kirino, Yamineko, Ayase and Saori’s epilogue. If possible I would like to have written Minami’s epilogue as well.

Question 4. can you please tell me a bit about each of the heroine’s routes. Let’s start with Kirino.
Fushimi: In the last game Kirino’s route had come to an ending. So instead, we ran with an IF situation. And considering Kirino in the first game had such a short route, we made sure this time to give her a more appropriate length of story.
Futami: honestly Kirino is so cute now I find it hard to hold back…
Miki: and the non-blood related part was a personal desire?
Futami: ah yes. Writing Kirino as a sister-in-law felt like… I was wielding a weapon that could one-hit kill the last boss in a game right from the get-go… it was so satisfying. I hope the reader might share that feeling with me too.

Question 5. what about Kuroneko?
Fushimi: yes, the reason why we split it into two routes (normal kuroneko route and a yamineko route) is that, if I had to read over my own work (in the LN), it would make me want to rewrite the entirety of Kuroneko’s development with Kyosuke.
Miki: I see (laughs)
Fushimi: Yamineko is strictly a kuroneko who has fallen a bit to the dark side so comedy ensures and there is an epilogue for that route too. As for normal Kuroneko, she is the usual lovey-dovey girl you would know so look forward to that.

Question 6. tell us about Minami routeskipped (not interested)

Question 7. what about Saori? skipped (not interested)

Question 8. what will likely happen in Ayase route?
Fushimi: All I can say is, we wrote her in a way that we couldn’t write her in the last game. This route was left to Futami-san to take care of. Do ‘pay attention’ to the epilogue too.
Miki:  when you meant ‘pay attention’, you mean prepare yourself for a bloody bad end where a love-sim game turns into some crazy horror genre? (laughs)
Futami: the Ayase route that Fushimi wrote was brilliant already so I had a hard time trying to trying to reach his level (laughs). Actually there is a cute kind of dead end relationship that they end up in, I think the reader will enjoy it a lot.

Question 9. can you speak a little about Kanako route?
 skipped (not interested)

Question 10. what about Sena route? skipped (not interested)

Question 11. alright then, to wrap it up – please tell us your favourite parts of the game.
Fushimi: everything that I wrote is great! Especially sister-in-law Kirino and Minami.
Miki: Minami for me…
Futami: for me it would be Ayase. During the date Ayase turns into Ayase-tan!!! She’s super cute. And the fact that what she says and what she does is so inconsistent, if you ever read it I don’t think you could ever remove the smile off your face.



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12 years ago

Thanks for the translation!
Now I could understand it better XD

Really looking forward to Ayase route (again). It was godly but lacked of date scene (C’mon, date on pool, make it happen, Kyousuke already asked Ayase before (he did mention the pool part too when he dated Kuroneko, didn’t he)), so if her route is filled with adorable date scene, then I can die happy XD

Kirino’s sister-in-law route was also great though very short, so this is the second reason I have to play it. Though her If Yandere route was cute too, when she become full dere-dere and called Kyousuke “onii-chan”, before she broke his shoulder >.<

12 years ago

That feel when the questions about the only routes you care about are skipped…

Reply to  thedigitalbug
12 years ago


I also translated the article for myself, but my understanding of Japanese is very poor so I m not very confident if these are on the spot.
– Manami route: Written by Miki-san. Her story is different from other heroines so it’s little bit special, but it will pleases Manami fans. If there is more time, Fushimi-sensei wanted to write epilogue for Manami too like he wrote Ayase’s.
– Saori route: You will be dating Saori from the beginning. There will be a lot more of scenes where Saori appears without her glasses, and they will also introduce cute new characters that haven’t even appeared yet on anime that will surprise us. Miki-san said that Saori story is “not fair”.
– Kanako route: Continuing her (mini) route from the previous game. This newly written route is linked to many parts. Kyousuke and Kanako couple is surprisingly fit excellently so look forward to their dialogue.
– Sena route: Her route begins just like the original story. Here, Kirino and Sena already known each other but Kyousuke didn’t know that. Her and Ayase route made Fushimi-sensei worried; Ayase route being hard to compare to her previous route and Sena route is because Sena is little bit different to other heroines since it’s involving Sena’s brocon feeling to Kouhei whom also a siscon just like Kousaka sibling, thus really close to OreImo theme itself.

Alex (@OrgXV)
12 years ago

OMG Kirino is a sister-in-law! I need this game!!
Also wanna play Ayase’s route because she can be cute sometimes ;3 I just love it~

Thanks for the translation ^w^

12 years ago

looking foward to Kirino’s sister-in-law route

12 years ago

>What if Kirino and Kyosuke weren’t actually blood-related sisters?

12 years ago

which game is this post related to? i really want to play a ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai game, i love the anime so much.

Reply to  willem-jan
12 years ago

this is the second one. the first one was pretty average imo –

12 years ago

So, according to the author’s (Fushimi-sensei) report, there’s a chance that the Ayase bad end will “School Days” ending, judging by what he said by “bloody bad end”.

I approve. Can’t wait!!

Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix
11 years ago

Nice interview, it is such a freakin crime that the creator of the show can’t even write for the entire game. You can tell Tsukasa is enthusiastic about the game, but the game director wouldn’t let him. Oreimo is Tsukasa’s baby, you can’t let other people write it. It is a heinous crime. Also, KIRINO IS HIS SISTER-IN-LAW? SPOILERS GUH

10 years ago

[…] Below is an extract from a interview I translated here: […]