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Co-Founder of TL Wiki
Sharin no Kuni/ Saya no Uta / Demonbane


Foreword So this is Moogy, the co-founder of TL Wiki and the man who is loved and hated by everybody at the same time. If you want to know a little about the history of TL Wiki, this will serve well as your intro.

Interesting Tidbits
<Moogy> i’m a pretty laid-back guy really, i just like messing around with people on the internet
<Moogy> i dunno why people take it so seriously, anyone is free to ignore me if they want”

Moogy’s Contact Details

Email moogy0 (at) googlemail dot com. Or find him on IRC,

The Interview

Interviewee: Moogy


Session Start: Sat Sep 18 12:36:49 2010

<Aaerul> I heard that most of the staff you once worked with when you first started TLWiki had left the scene. Who are the oldest surviving members that are still around today?

<Moogy> me and virux, pretty much

<Aaerul> virux?

<Moogy> the oldest completed project on tlwiki is SR but phar came in later

<Moogy> virux’s nick on rizon is __roflmao__

<Moogy> please don’t interview him, he’s not going to give you any answers and prefers to keep to himself

<Aaerul> yea I won’t

<Aaerul> so that’s all. about 3 guys

<Moogy> R11 has been around for ages too, i think NTX came in way back then too

<Moogy> but i don’t really remember

<Aaerul> In 2008 there was an explosion of new fan translation projects in our community. What do you think caused this?

<Moogy> the chaos;head project is responsible for a lot of it

<Moogy> it was the first time a project was really “open” and bantered around on jp and stuff

<Moogy> and it built a lot of fan interest

<Aaerul> Slightly more personal question

<Aaerul> There are some who understand your brand of humour while others do not (in fact they resent it).

<Aaerul> How much of your ‘troll-like’ personality is fabricated. How much of it reflects your real life?

<Moogy> i’m a pretty laid-back guy really, i just like messing around with people on the internet

<Moogy> i dunno why people take it so seriously, anyone is free to ignore me if they want

<Aaerul> What is the deal with Demonbane right now? Is there an estimated-time-of-arrival?

<Moogy> stalled at nitro+

<Moogy> absolutely no ETA

<Moogy> whenever they decide to work on it

<Moogy> they’re too busy working on S;G i guess

<Moogy> maybe once they finally iron out all of the bugs in that they can put someone on demonbane

<Moogy> nitro+ has very few programmers

<Aaerul> oh I see

<Moogy> all of them are working on S;G and have been

<Aaerul> and what kind of coding does Demonbane still require

<Moogy> the backlog is fucked up

<Aaerul> and it’s not something that can be fixed by our hackers?

<Moogy> not unless nitro+ wants to give us their source code

<Aaerul> that is disappointing then

<Aaerul> Can you tell me why you started TL Wiki and How did it happen.

<Moogy> me, virux, and mars were sitting around on IRC one night and were like “there’s gotta be some way to make VN translations higher profile”

<Moogy> and eventually we came up with the idea for tlwiki and started it the next day or so

<Aaerul> did any of you work with VNs before TL Wiki was created?

<Moogy> yeah, we were in NDT, the group that did kanon (and a bunch of doujin games in addition to that)

<Aaerul> but I’m guessing they are defunct now

<Moogy> pretty much

<Aaerul> You have quite the history with Nitroplus games. What was the first Nitroplus game you have ever played? Which other titles in the Nitroplus’ catalogue would you like to see an English translation of?

<Moogy> iirc mars wanted to get demonbane translated and put the scripts up on the wiki, and eventually makoto found them and that’s kind of where our whole history with nitro+ came from

<Moogy> first one i really worked on and played fully was saya though

<Moogy> saya’s not my favorite nitro+ game but it’s great yeah

<Aaerul> and any other games in nitro+ catalogue you would like to see translated?

<Moogy> makoto is going to do all of the ones worth translating eventually anyway lol

<Moogy> well, not S;G, but that’ll probably get translated too

<Moogy> and it doesn’t quite count as nitro+

<Aaerul> how so?

<Moogy> it’s mostly 5pb

<Moogy> nitro+ only contributed one subwriter

<Moogy> and did the PC port

<Aaerul> oh I see

<Aaerul> and would there be a problem with someone starting a nitro+ project of any kind right now

<Aaerul> given that you guys have the deal with JAST USA

<Aaerul> you would certainly not allow them to be hosted on TLWiki, right?

<Moogy> i would recommend talking to us first, since we can contact nitro+ and JAST USA and see what they think

[13:17] <Moogy> i have my doubts that anyone will want to start a new one at this point though

[13:17] <Moogy> nitro+ games are way harder to translate than pretty much anything else and most of the good ones are already being worked on

<Aaerul> This one I made up on the fly, a personal interest

<Aaerul> What has kept you going all these years?

<Aaerul> doing edits and translations, etc

<Aaerul> no burn-outs?

<Moogy> boredom. also i really love eroge and anime

<Moogy> i doubt i can ever get tired of this shit

Many thanks to Moogy for taking his time out to participate in this interview. Please look forward to the release of Demonbane from JAST USA. Though I am guessing it will still be quite a while before it comes out.


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eskimo bill
eskimo bill
13 years ago

YAY kanon i wrote the gamefaq for that game and i was working on one for chaos head before my external hd blew up when i was 70 percent done and said F*** it any who cant wait for demonbane

13 years ago

Moogy is a dick

Reply to  Aeka-chan
13 years ago