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Concerto Note (_mayoi, DarkOwl)

Concerto Note


Foreword I must apologize to the fine folks at #Animenovel. This was my very first interview ever conducted over IRC and you may be able to tell I was feeling nervous and inexperienced. I even privatepaste’d my questions. I should have asked them one by one because they could have led to opportunities for follow-up questions. Yet all in all, it was a pleasure to have spoken to these guys because the team was so extremely easy to talk to.

Interesting Tidbits DarkOwl is also the editor for Tengu Translations and _mayoi hates being asked about lolis.

Animenovel Contact Details
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Speak to Aeka or _mayoi on IRC


The Interview

_mayoi, DarkOwl

Interviewees: _mayoi, DarkOwl
<Aaerul> Why do you translate?
<@_mayoi> well, first to improve my translation skills and I find it funny that collaborating with these people is kinda fun too lol no offense, and since I’m a big fan of THAT GAME, It won’t be a bother to localize that game.

<Aaerul> Do you care for fan support? What about fan interaction?
<@_mayoi>Love is always accepted.
<@_mayoi>it’s not like we’re translating this for your sake… lol being a tsundere is moe

<Aaerul> Do you prefer to work alone or work with others?
<@_mayoi> well, being solo makes your outcome worse than the most, so being with a large or small scale of people is not really a bad thing.

<Aaerul> How large of a team are you most comfortable working with?<DarkOwl> any number is fine as long as it is organized.

<@_mayoi> with only me as a translator is ideal, and 2 to 3 editors… since there’s the fact that the flow of the translation will deteriorate..
<DarkOwl> any number is fine as long as it is organized.[22:07] <@_mayoi> with only me as a translator is ideal, and 2 to 3 editors… since there’s the fact that the flow of the translation will deteriorate..

<Aaerul> Have you suffered burn-out before? (stopped translating for long periods of time). What caused the burn-out?
<DarkOwl> Never exprience that before.
<@_mayoi> damn, I don’t want to answer this one.

<Aaerul> Anything else you would like to comment on, anything specific to your project? What about your future plans?
<@_mayoi> lol we’re getting there… editing phase for ******’s route, SOON.

[22:23] <@_mayoi> lol WE HAVE A LOLI HERE?
[22:23] <@_mayoi> WHO!? WHO!?
[22:29] <DarkOwl> Dude…
[22:30] <DarkOwl> Don’t asume I found a loli to violate…

Thank you very much for the interview! I wish you the best for the future of the project.


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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13 years ago

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13 years ago

Nice, nice. A pity I wasn’t there when you conducted this Aaerul..oh well, I guess _mayoi and DarkOwl was enough..Well for my 2 cents, It might take long, but rest assured that Concerto Note will be translated…Kudos to the team..^_^

12 years ago

LOL these guys are funny, anyway thanks for the prologue patch. hope things will get faster.